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“School Engagement” program is one of several corporate social responsibility activities under AA Giving Back campaign – that was launched in August 2018 and aimed to be committed to the cause, not giving randomly, but to certain non-profit organizations after careful consideration of each. We strive to achieve consistency in our CSR projects, not focusing on a one-time effort to assist and donate, but an ongoing contribution of either donations or services.

Our first School Engagement program took place in December 2018 where we chose Sek Keb Jalan U3 as the first lucky school in conjunction with our 30th outlet new opening located at Subang Perdana. Throughout the program, around 500 primary students participated and were informed about the important on the cleanliness in order to prevent Health Foot & Mouth Disease (HFMD). Our School Engagement program will continue in 2019 with the clear mission “One Store, One School”. AA also worked hand-in-hand with the schools to create health awareness among the students through an activation program.

Sri Sempurna International School has been chosen as the second school under AA School Engagement Program. It is the first school for AA Pharmacy Taman Segar. This time around, we’ve got great support from Pfizer and around 500 primary students and teachers participated and enjoyed the program which focus more on healthy heart.

Our pharmacist from Old Town AA Pharmacy gave a school talk to students of SJKC Chen Moh. The objectives of this school talk were to give basic exposure of pharmacist’s role in community and also to educate students on proper medicine storage. 

We hope that students find this eventful and valuable in hope to lead themselves to the right pathway. 

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