Web design & development from Valen


Week 4:

  • Schedule blog post x1
  • SEO update:

Week 3:

  • Schedule blog post x 1
  • Update Store locator, mobile phone number

Week 2:

  • Schedule blog post x 2
  • SEO update:
  • Updated “About Us” page

Week 1:

  • Schedule blog post x 2
  • SEO update:


Week 4:

  • Schedule blog post x2
  • SEO update:

Week 3:

  • Schedule blog post x 2
  • TO-DO: Display all branches location in map
  • TO-DO: Testimonials/ Customer reviews
  • Create and share : 1) website login for MEL/ 2) mailchimp login/ 3) google analytics login
  • SEO update:

Week 2:

  • Schedule blog post x 2
  • Update HQ Address (PENDING: Google Map PIN)
  • Set-up email accounts for Miss Chua
  • Update promo page : AA Super Saver Deals, Grand new opening for Sea Park Branch

Week 1:

  • Do Promotion Page “Celebrating World Pharmacy Day”. Do 3 landing page, banner, menu, online redemption form for voucher and pill box.
  • Schedule Blog post x 2
  • SEO update: adjust and recheck keywords ranking, check visitors traffics and promotion traffics
  • Do label design for Advangrains product


Week 4:

  • Do label design for Advangrains product
  • Discuss “Content Calendar for coming month” with MEL via email.
  • Add in email subscriber to collect email lead.
  • Prepare Merdeka Special Promotion page: “AA LoveMerdeka”. Prepare banner, 3 pages, online redeem RM10 voucher form, redeem pill box form, update links.
  • Merdeka Promotion page (Redeem RM10 cash voucher) to display TnC.
  • Update Promotion page design according to feedback from the marketing department.
  • Update “Grand Opening” page for PJ Old Town branch
  • Update 7 days Promotion
  • Update Members Day Promo for OUG, Taman Segar, Taipan branches.
  • Update and schedule blog post “Heart Burn”
  • SEO update: submit google console to google webmaster

Week 3:

  • Add in Google Map indicator in “Store locator” page.
  • Waze indicator still in progress, it only allow to be used in mobile phone (iOS) not dekstop. It will appear error when user serve waze button using dekstop computer. (IN PROGRESS)
  • Prepare Merdeka Promotion page & banner.
  • Do promotion page: Monthly mailer for Merdeka month.
  • Update “Grand Opening” page for Cheras Selatan Branch
  • Update and schedule blog post —– The wonder oil – Coconut oil
  • SEO update: submit sitemap index to google, input pages’ description to display in google search result

Week 2:

  • Arrange to migrate website from my temporary server to New exabytes server.
  • Arrange to point domain (aapharmacy.com.my) to AApharmacy.my
  • Update home landing page design according to feedback from the marketing department.
  • Schedule blog post on 26-8-2018 —– Hair loss ( https://aapharmacy.my/hair-loss/  )
  • Add in FB pixel
  • Update AA VIP membership page
  • Update AUGUST upcoming event page
  • SEO update: Keywords research, compare keywords with competitor website

Week 1:

  • Finalize all the landing pages and menus.
  • Do AA house brand products page x 6
  • Do Genuine Medicine Page
  • Do Lowest Price Guarantee Page
  • Update Members Day Promo for Sri Petaling, Permata, Kajang Branches
  • Update 7 days Special Promo


  • Update and schedule “Health Tips” blog posts
  • Install wordpress and setup premium theme. Setup corporate color, menu links, and standardize size, look and feel.
  • Develop main landing page (Home, Promotion, Blog, Contact us pages)
  • Develop content pages (about us, PDPA, Member’s terms, store locator, and some other promotion pages)
  • Help to standardize AA Logo, corporate color and some other graphic material
  • Meeting with copywriter Ms Genie Shu
  • Meeting with Marcus to discuss about website structure and main page
  • Do label design for Millet Milk, Oatmilk Energy
  • Do “teardrop” standing promotion banner, dancing tube banner
  • Improve AA branding (logo, and colors)
  • Do logo for Genuine Medicine, Giving Back




    9-7-2018: Sugar and sugar substitutes

    16-7-2018: Nafas baru

    23-7-2018: antara perubatan dan puasa

    30-7-2018: Diabetes dan Ramadan

    13-8-2018: Obesity

    20-8-2018: Hair loss

    27-8-2018: The wonder oil – Coconut oil

    3-9-2018(Mon): Heartburn

    6-9-2018(Mon): Tips to cook healthier

    10-9-2018(Mon): Pharmacist interview – Brian

    13-9-2018(Thurs): Stop the pain: Gout & Supplement

    17-9-2018(MON): Feminine Hygiene

    20-9-2018 (Thurs): Hand, foot, mouth disease

    24-9-2018(Mon): Probiotics – Bactifill & Cultivin

    27-9-2018(Thursday) : How healthy you are?


    01-10-2018(Monday): Antibiotic Resistance

    04-10-2018(Thursday): DIABETES: How To Control It With Supplements-

    08-10-2018(Monday): Dementia VS Alzheimer’s

    15-10-2018(Monday): Go gluten free, or not

    22-10-2018(Monday): Is BCG enemy of Tuberculosis?

    29-10-2018(Monday): Liver Tonic


    05-11-2018 (Monday): FLU / INFLUENZA VACCINE

    12-11-2018 (Monday): Osteoarthritis

    19-11-2018 (Monday):

    26-11-2018 (Monday) :  –