Largest inventory of genuine medicine

AA Pharmacy has been the leading affordable healthcare provider in Malaysia since 1999. We strive to provide GENUINE products at the most competitive price in accordance to our vision “Affordable Healthcare for Everyone”.

We now proudly launch our latest campaign “Largest Inventory of Genuine Medicine”, in responsibility to create awareness and educate consumers on combating counterfeit products. We aim to educate consumers through various approaches such as posters and educational materials being distributed in all AA outlets. The relevant information will also be made available on our website and mobile app for easy accessibility. Furthermore, all our staffs will be trained to guide consumers efficiently. We always provide trustable and reliable platform for your genuine drug purchase.

Our Promise:

  1. We only purchase and sell genuine medicines/products from legitimate sources.
  2. We comply with guidelines by the Ministry of Health, Pharmacy Division in terms of Good Dispensing Practice, Good Storage Practice and Good Distribution Practice.
  3. We have pharmacist on site throughout our operating hours.
  • quality PRODUCTS – 100%
  • Professional services- 100%

Is Your Drug Genuine?


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), problem of counterfeit prescription drugs has reached a worrisome stage. Online purchase of health products had increased tremendously in view of great convenience and time-saving. This greatly exposes consumers to counterfeit medicines as there is no guarantee on the quality and composition of the product.

Drugs in Malaysia

In Malaysia, all types of pharmaceutical products NOT registered under the division of Drug Control Authority (DCA) by National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) are considered as COUNTERFEIT. Unregistered drug/product is a silent killer as it may bring damage to human’s well-being. Counterfeit products might be drug with fake hologram/MAL number and traditional/cosmetic products adulterated with poison, or even medicine without active ingredient as printed/ingredient in the product differs from the ingredient stated. Emerging Markets Network (EMHN) reported in 2013 that about 5% of medicinal products in


Malaysia are not registered. The largest drug seizure recorded in Malaysia was in March 2007 where customs confiscated 142 boxes of fake Viagra (1.4million pills) worth USD4million. Interpol had organised an international operation named PANGEA VIII in various countries back in 20151,3. Malaysia Pharmacy Enforcement Division had joined this operation throughout the 7 days operation by having inspection to 130 premises and 45,317 parcels at custom. As a result, total seizure worth RM830,663.00 of counterfeit products has been confiscated1. In Jan-Nov 2017, as many as 43,207 units of unregistered products worth a total of RM75.4million have been con e year of 2016 where only 39,247 units were confiscated, worth RM54.9million5. This implicates that consumer’s health and safety is at stake.

Registered Product in Malaysia

Product that need to be registered²

  1. All pharmaceutical products containing scheduled poison
  2. Over-the-counter (OTC) products
  3. Traditional medicines
  4. Health supplements
  5. Veterinary products

Why must be registered²?

  1. All products must pass the product testing for any traces of heavy metals exceeding the safety limit and microbial limit test, ensuring safety of consumers.
  2. To ensure the quality of product by complying to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  3. To ensure the efficacy of the product is supported by scientific researches/toxicology studies/animal studies.

How to check is the product registered2,5,6 

All registered products will have to display their approved MAL number and meditag hologram on the product. Example:

A valid MAL registration number must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Starts with MAL
  • Followed by 8 number digits
  • Ends with an alphabet which indicates the category of product (A for controlled medicines, X for OTC, T for traditional medicines and lastly N for supplements)

Meditag hologram has been implemented since 2005. However, there are fake meditag holograms being used in the market. Hence, the Ministry of Health had been improving the safety specifications of the hologram since. The latest version Meditag 4 has been launched back in 2017. Meditag hologram sticker must be displayed at all registered medicinal products except cosmetic products.

How to differentiate counterfeit meditag hologram from genuine hologram?

Example of adultered productcs not registered with MOH (source from Cawangan Penguatkuasaan Farmasi Kelantan)

  1. Meditag decoder is provided by Ministry of Health to all pharmacies
  2. Meditag checker app is available for smart phone users for easy verification (refer pic #)Consumer can also check the product registration on NPRA official website using their QUEST3+ search system.


How to buy the right and genuine medicine?
  • It is important to know your medicines/ supplements.
  • Only purchase your health products and medicines from reputable registered pharmacies.
  • Prevent online purchase from overseas as the products are not monitored and checked by Ministry of Health for its safety and efficacy.
  • Beware! Consuming unregistered health products or medicines might cause acute/chronic damage to your body organs and it might be irreversible.
  • Report to Pharmacy Enforcement Division at 03-78413387 or if you encounter any unregistered product.


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