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24 July 2019

CellLabs Posh D-Centa (2X30’S)

Dermatix Acne Scar 7G

Uphamol 1000 Cold & Flu Honey Lemon (5.0GM X 25 Sachets)

Garden of Eden Rosa E 15ML & Satin White 40GM Protect  & Lighten (Combo Pack)

Garden of Eden Gentle Milk Cleanser 100ML + Soothing Toner 100ML (Combo Pack)

Green Young The Happy Bites 260GM

Toasted Oat Germ Cracker 180G

One Touch Ultra Plus Flex Meter + 25’s Strips on 10’S Delica Lancets

One Touch Ultra Plus Strips 25’S

One Touch Delica Lancet 100’S